'Game' has guns blazing Downtown

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Article Date: November 30, 2007 | Publication: ABQ News | Author: Dan Mayfield
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It’s not so much the dynamite that’s making noise Downtown — it’s the antiaircraft guns.

No, a military junta hasn’t taken over, it’s just the guys on the set of “Game” doing their jobs.

This past weekend there was a huge boom Downtown as a car was blown up — but that’s the last of the big explosions, said “Game” spokesman Michael Umble. The explosion, a sort of flash-bang device, will simulate a mortar hit in the film.

But it’s the military-style anti-aircraft guns — firing blanks, of course — that Umble said are the loudest. Each gun fires off 200 rounds in just a few seconds.

You can’t have an action movie without lots of stuff getting shot — or blown up.

“Game” is set in the not-toodistant future, a film about people who are in prison and earn their freedom by playing games. They’re controlled by people outside of prison, like they’re avatars in video games. And, from looking at the set Downtown near the PNM building at Third Street and Gold, this futuristic world looks like a bleak place.

Shooting has been going well so far, Umble said.

For pictures of the set, there’s a well-done MySpace page devoted to “Game.” Just go to MySpace.com/gamethemovie and you’ll see a blog with several stories cribbed from the Web and some pics. Umble isn’t sure who’s doing the site, but the pics look like they were made by someone on set.

There’s also a lot of talk on that MySpace page that Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, the rapper, will be here soon. Umble said that he won’t be in town to shoot his role in the film until January, at the earliest.