"P.S..I Love You.." -- CHICKFLICK ALERT!!!

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Article Date: December 7, 2007 | Publication: blogspot.com | Author: Flix Jackson
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Along comes "P.S, I Love You", an extremely well made romantic comedy starring Hilary Swank, Harry Connick Jr., Kathy Bates, Lisa Kudrow, and Gerard Butler.

Okay, after the initial shock of seeing Hilary Swank play anything other than a character of dubious sexuality, you really start to enjoy this little jewel...

Sounds sappy right? That's cuz it IS sappy. But Hilary Swank as an uptight young wife is great. Nice to see her as a regular chick. And who knew???? Ms. Swank pulls off comedy! Way to go Hilary! Special shout out to Lisa Kudrow who plays Swank's husband-hunting best friend. Kudrow is such an excellent comedic actress...why doesn't she get more work? Seriously.

The rest of the cast does solid work. The film never lags and even at its corniest, cheesiest, chickflick moments, not once did I feel a gag reflex. In short. Great date movie. Guys will enjoy just as much as women, and best of all, "P.S I Love You" isn't burdened by the typical, cookie-cutter, predictable ending. God, how I appreciated that moment in the movie where there was an unexpected twist.