PS I Love You Red Carpet Premiere (Blog)

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Article Date: December 10, 2007 | Publication: London blog | Author: Christine London
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The night was brisk; the women dressed in scant attire, the men in dapper suits. Another premiere at the Grumman’s Chinese Theatre located next door to the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. This was the night to launch the new romantic film, P.S. I Love You.
As a romance author, I may have a slight bias toward the genre, but isn’t it refreshing to have something on our holiday plate to uplift and inspire? When subject matter that deals with the meaningful events in a personal life gets as much attention as the shoot ‘em up, gut wrenching violent films, it raises a mirror to our society’s heart. Thank God we still have one.
Lisa Kudrow was one of the first celebs to arrive, followed in short time by Harry Connick, Gina Gershon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Ms. Hilliary Swank (gowned in black feathers). Quite the swan she was. It was not until Mr. Gerard Butler arrived that the crowd really went wild. His presence so eclipsed the rest; the world of lights and cameras seemed to all but disappear when he bolted across the boulevard heading directly for his beloved fans.
Twice the crowd that was present at the premiere of 300, it was frightening to watch as people pressed against the control barriers in attempt to gain closer access. So magnetic is Mr. Butler’s presence, the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan gone nearly unnoticed as he too crossed the street. I have seen Mr. Butler in many setting. It is the first time I felt concern in his presence. Always the consummate gentlemen where fans are involved, they repay his unabashed authenticity with nearly over-the-top enthusiasm. It is not that they mean to endanger him. Shear numbers and fervor create a tidal wave of humanity. I feared that Gerry might be swept back into the flow of traffic. His “people” flanked him, keeping the crowd at bay.
Ever the adoring star, he bobbed down the line, excitement and appreciation oozing from every pore. He does a sort of dance when interacting with fans resembling a cross between a child at his first recital and the bobbing of an enamored pigeon. Smile broad and infectious, he spends an inordinate amount of time making a connection with each soul. This disallows his ability to complete the visit along the entire length of the crowd.
With pressure on to tend to the press, he scrolled his gaze to the final section of well-wishers, eyes puppy dog apologetic. “I’m Sorry,” he shouted. Followed by a quieter repetition of the apology before waving and turning to cross. Not good enough, he paused in the center of the road, pivoting back to the crowd, dug deep into suit coat pocket extricating …?. In a flash, he drew back his arm in pitcher’s stance and threw a fistful of trinkets into the crowd. There was an audible gasp, scurrying to capture the articles and a corporate sigh of disbelief. This endearingly sweet man had thought ahead…planned to surprise those that wait hours on his behalf. What a rare human being.
If you are a fan of Mr. Butlers perhaps you have a bit of a lump in your throat, a tug at your heartstrings or a slight shake of the head in amazement of his continued humanity. I, sitting here at my computer, wonder what’s to be done. The price of escalating fame: inability to make personal connection. It must tug at his heart as well.
So as growing recognition does the inevitable, I mourn the loss of access to an exquisite soul. What’s a star so full of integrity to do? I struggle with this one myself. Perhaps what Mr. Darren Hayes does? Monitor a My Space or website assembled in your name. Make the occasional personal announcement, comment. As an author, I know the tremendous time commitment involved when you are a person producing art. It leaves precious little time for that which we really prize: connection with people, the ability to touch them in some meaningful way, the gift of leaving legacy. This is what we do through our work, foremost, but the personal touch can be life altering. I am still able to go into the crowds, mingle, with only the occasional fan recognition. When one is in film, one’s signature is his face. Gerard has been fortunate enough to remain somewhat the enigma through many roles. These days, so bittersweet, appear to be numbered.
All that said, do go to see this film. Vote with your dollar for continued production of quality entertainment in the name of that which matters most…love.

I encourage you to leave your thoughts on the matter of connection.
Gerry's Mum is third woman behind him. She was beaming!