Shattered DVD Review

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Article Date: December 17, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Edwin Diaz
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Let me begin by saying to my readers that I think this film has that 'water-cooler' or Monday morning quarterback vibe to it that will have you talking after watching it.

The film starts with Gerard Butler Ďs character Neil Randall and Abby Randall (Maria Bello) leaving their home and saying goodbye to their daughter who is left with a babysitter. Then things get interesting; the kidnapper named Tom Ryan played by (Pierce Brosnan) dismantles the Randallís lives with brutal efficiency. Pierce Brosnan is brilliant as usual, and plays his character perfectly, by having a straight face throughout, which helps fool viewers when the twist drops. What I mean by that is that you would think he would act a little insane throughout, because of what he knows, but for what his plans require he needs to be professional.

Butterfly on a Wheel was the original titled name but it was changed to Shattered and rightfully so because Gerard Butler Ďs character Neil Randall has his life shattered towards the end. Director Mike Barker does a great job in using different ways to portray the pain and anguish of Butler's character is feeling.

Thereís a very surprising ending. I definitely recommend you watching this film and Iíll go as far as giving it 5 stars cause I think itís that good.