P.S., I Love You - A Review

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Article Date: December 17, 2007 | Publication: therecshow.com | Author: KC
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It was a prediction for what I thought was going to be one of the worst movies of the year. Was I right?


I was invited to a sneak preview last night of P.S. I Love You, and I have to say that it is one of the best “chick flick” type movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Everything I thought I would hate about this movie proved to be the exact opposite. The film starts off with Gerard Butler’s Gerry and Hillary Swank’s Holly having a heated fight over life’s little issues, resulting in heated, yet clumsy make-up sex (nothing graphic kids). While this opening scene drags on a bit, it sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which is best described as sad, funny, and charming all thrown together.

Obviously, as was seen in the trailer, Gerry dies quickly into the film, and leaves a series of letters behind which show up to Holly at different times over the following year of his death. These letters are basically instructions on how he wants her to handle his death and live her life. I thought the whole idea was just plain dumb, but the story is actually very intriguing.

Butler is really good in this. He makes this character very believable for all he had to do to accomplish his goal. He’s only alive in the film briefly, but there are multiple flashbacks caused by the letters he writes, starting with most recent events they shared together, all the way back to the moment they first met. It’s a great way to tell this story. Swank plays a good lead role, but she is overshadowed by the dead guy. Is that bad?

I truly thought Lisa Kudrow was going to be terrible, but her humour works in the film, and catches you off guard a bit. Big kudos to Harry Connick Jr., who plays Daniel, a slight love interest after Gerry’s death. His lines throughout the movie are both awkward and hilarious. I actually laughed out loud several times at him.

Yes it is defintely a “chick flick,” but to be put in a good batch of the like such as Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook. Fellas, if you get dragged to this, trust me, it’s not that bad. Ladies, this is one for you to see.