From 300 to a one-on-one romantic comedy (Audio)

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Article Date: December 18, 2007 | Publication: Boston NOW | Author: John Black
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How do you follow up the worldwide success of a film like 300? If you're Gerard Butler, who played Kind Leonidas in the epic action movie, you turn 180 degrees and make a romantic comedy like P.S. I Love You, where he plays the deceased husband/guiding spirit for a new widower trying to get her life back together.

BostonNOW: How does the opening fight scene in this movie between you and Hilary Swank compare to the battles you filmed in 300?
Gerard Butler: They were both tough to get right. Hilary and I had great chemistry together, so a lot of things fell into place immediately. I was amazed at how we played off each other. On the other hand, this has to be one of the longest opening scenes in a modern movie. And to try and keep that going, without letting it get boring, was a real challenge.

BN: Which do you prefer doing, action movies or romantic comedies?
GB: There are things I prefer about both. Normally, when I'm doing action I prefer comedy, and when I'm doing comedy I prefer action. I have the best time doing action movies, but it's hard, physical work. You spend a few weeks running away from explosions and gunfire and you start to miss the idea of just sitting down with someone and having a conversation.

BN: It's been such a good year for you. What would you say is the highlight?
GB: I would say the night that 300 opened. We jumped from cinema to cinema and to see how busy they were and to see the lines. I'd never experienced anything like that. It just doesn't happen to films I'm in (laughs). That's been the highlight of my career so far.

Will success spoil Gerard Butler? After 300 and Phantom of the Opera, will he ever do a small budget movie again?