London’s Burning

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Article Date: April 12, 2001 | Publication: Empire Online | Author: Editors
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Having been de-fanged after finishing his turn as Dracula in Patrick Lussier’s Dracula 2001, Gerard Butler now spends his time dodging fireballs on the set of dragon-slaying epic Reign of Fire.

“I’m over in Dublin until June doing Reign of Fire with Matthew McConaghey and Christian Bale,” Butler told Empire Online. “It’s this big, insane $95 million dollar beast of a movie.”

The film tells the story of a group of human survivors living in a post-apocalyptic England plagued by huge fire-breathing dragons. “I play the best mate of Christian Bale, we live in this castle with a bunch of others and we’re just struggling to get by because everything is burned out and gone. Destroyed by the dragons.”

With fully digital beasties, the film looks set to raise the already considerably impressive CGI standards set by Dragonheart and Dungeons & Dragons. “There’s going to be six months of CGI once we finish shooting, something like $33 million of the budget is on CGI.” With huge dragons fighting in the sky and razing London to ashes Reign of Fire is shaping up to be high on the list of must-see movies of 2002. “It’s going to be amazing, absolutely amazing.”

Empire Online can’t wait.