top 10 movies of the year (Blog)

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there were some great movies this year, and we watched these both in the theater and at home....

10. transformers - summer blockbuster. fun, faced pace action flick.
9. bee movie - we saw this one twice in the theaters. once after snc, and then i went on a field trip with cindy's class to see it again. if seinfeld does anything, its going to be thought out and funny.
8. 300 - this was the guy movie of the year. if you've seen it then you're still speechless. i've never seen anything like it. it also was the only movie of the year that made me want to work out more.
7. ps. i love you - yea, i know i'm losing some guy credibility here, but this was a great movie. i took cindy to see it expecting a total chick flick, but it was really good. and speaking of 300, gerard butler (the main character in 300) was in this one as well. great date movie.

6. the number 23 - jim carrey was really cool in this one. great movie and the end will blow you away.
5. the illusionist - incredible. this movie keeps you going the whole time. and the ending might be the best ending of the year.
4. the departed - minus the language, this movie was great. it was packed with huge actors and a great story. very cool movie, to see without your kids.
3. i am legend - when we left the theaters, the first thing i said was "ok, now i need to go home and put on a happy christmas movie or something." this didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy around the holidays, but was an unbelievable movie. will smith should win something for this.
2. american gangster - wow. great story. great true story. denzel washington plays a great frank lucas. i'd go see it again right now.
1. the bourne ultimadum - jason bourne is my hero. the first two were great, but this one takes the cake. this was one of the best movies i've ever seen, especially in the theaters. if you didn't see it in the movies, you missed out. but, when you rent it, turn it way up. you won't be disappointed.

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