"Reign of Fire" - A Script Review by 'Honest Abe'

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Article Date: July 17, 2001 | Publication: Dark Horizons | Author: Honest Abe
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Positive, Minor Spoilers)

This has got to be one of the coolest scripts I've read in awhile. The premise alone is intriguing to say the least. Think "Mad Max meets Dragonslayer". Here's the story: During a construction project in London, a cavern is uncovered where a large (and i mean LARGE) dragon has been hibernating all these years. Needless to say, she awakens and flies off (while torching a few workers in the process). Fast forward about 40 or so years later and there are now thousands of dragons all over the earth (but the action takes place only in England). Remember how in Waterworld the people lived in isolated communes? Same thing here. People hole up in old castles and the grounds are scorched for miles. I know what you're thinking, why don't we just throw a couple of fighter jets at them? It's explained (but I ain't tellin ya here.) Agriculture is how people sustain themselves unless a dragon torches it. Quinn is the appointed leader of one such commune and he's the local fire battalion chief. One day, Van Zant (Matthew McCoughany) arrives with his men and his tanks offering his assistance. At first, Quinn is reluctant to accept aid from an outsider but they soon realize they have both been severely affected by the dragons' presence. United for a common cause, they decide to strike a blow for mankind and take out the very first dragon (the one that originated from the cavern), dubbed Ashley. I really can't say too much more except WOW. This is some fine writing and while some of the characters could use a tweak or two as far as development, it's not anything drastically needed. Again, this should be cool cool cool. Bottom line: Opening night, opening weekend. Dragonheart II, this ain't! I know this is already scheduled for release next spring and it definitely ranks on my top 10 movies to see next year.