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Article Date: December 27, 2007 | Publication: | Author: G.G.
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My sister and I saw P.S. I Love You last night and it was every bit as good as I had hoped. How often can you say that of a movie nowadays?

I've never been a big Hilary Swank fan, but that changed yesterday. Her performance was excellent she was likable and convincing, her face was transparent with emotions and I didn't feel for a moment she was "acting." She had great comedic timing in the "funny bits" and she tore my soul apart in the sad moments. I have to admit I was blown away, despite my reservations.

I didn't know Gerard Butler from Adam before this film, but I am notoriously weak to Irishmen [he plays an Irishman in the film, but is in fact Scottish IRL]. And O-M-G! I melted like a stick of butter from the first moment he appeared on screen. Boy, does this guy have a future as a heart-throb! He oozed casual, effortless charm and the scenes with Hilary Swank had great chemistry, warmth, and humor. You didn't need any suspension of disbelief to understand her devastation at the loss of him.

The supporting cast were generally solid, even though they did not get much play Kathy Bates was stellar as always, and Harry Connick Jr. was perfect as the nicely rude bumbling bartender who carries a torch for Swank's character.

No movie can be great without an excellent script, which this movie certainly had. The dialogue was downright brilliant, especially in the scenes between Swank and Butler, and for once the screenwriters actually made a novel better instead of ruining it. I thought Ahern's novel was nice, but not much above mediocre, as far as chick lit goes, but the film was very good. The director managed to keep all the threads firmly together and to keep the tone deftly balanced, without ever letting the movie slip too much into pathos. I thought it could have been 15 mins shorter, but even as it was, I'd give it well-manicured thumbs up.

Verdict: A-