James bond vs King Leonidas = Shattered

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Article Date: December 27, 2007 | Publication: mouthshut.com | Author: hymarathe
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Plot:4 of 5
Cast Performance:4 of 5
Sound Track: 3 of 5
Cinematography: 4 of 5
Member's Rating: 3 of 5
Member's Recommendation: Yes

The movie stars two famous actors, Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and Gerard Butler (King Leonidas of 300).

Gerard Butler, a professionally successful person, lives a happy life with his wife and lovely daughter. One fateful day, Pierce Brosnan enters their life. He holds their daughter hostage and in return, he does not demands money but makes the couple to do some tasks. Turns out that these tasks could destroy Gerardís career and his happy life.

Tight and gripping script, good performance by actors, Pierceís devilish plot, shocking end - makes this movie worth watching.

To make the story more interesting for you, Gerard never met Pierce in
his life. Then, who is Pierce and why is he destroying Gerardís life?
Check the movie to find out the answer.

If you enjoyed the movie Derailed, you will definitely enjoy this.

Plot Revealed In The Review: Not revealed
Best to watch with: Spouse / Partner
Movie Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Best part in the movie: Script