P.S., I Love You review

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Article Date: January 6, 2008 | Publication: matchflick.com | Author: Zara
Publication/Article Link:http://www.matchflick.com/movie-review/17924-8376

I really was expecting this to be something that a previous roommate of mine would have subjected to me against my will several times over, much like she did with BEACHES or DIRTY DANCING. But much to my surprise, I think I would have liked watching this thoughtful, romantic and very adult movie over and over with her.

Not adult in the porn sense, but this is a fairly realistic view on how men and women who are deeply in love react with one another. There are some heart warming scenes about what a man will do to put up with the woman that he loves (it makes me think of the line that J.K. Simmons has in JUNO, where he tells his daughter that real love is someone seeing you for everything you are, good and bad, and STILL thinking that the sun shines out of your ass) as well as a woman who finally wakes up to what she put her husband through, even if only in the wake of his death.

I also like that the mother of the lead character, the always sensation Kathy Bates, gives her daughter the true and painfully bleak reality of life. That in the end, no matter how much we love someone, we're all essentially alone. It's finding faith in the fact that we're all alone together that is supposed to sustain us.

This is most definitely a weeper, but not one that drums them out of you. It just assumes that all of us have been through a degree of loss in our lives and lets the chips fall where they may in developing that vibe. It's not overwhelmingly depressing, nor does it jump through hoops to try and cheer you up.

And the other strong suit is that there are men in this movie who are true MEN. Putting up with the women in their lives and speaking their desires. Harry Connick Jr usually gets on my nerves, but he is deeply touching as the realistic version of a man, finally fed up with women's bullsh*t but admitting that he still wants a woman who wants him in return.

Human, touching and not for the little kids or immature of this world. We all don't have to be in our golden years to discover the things that are presented here. There's a whole middle age group who aren't old but aren't stupidly young anymore either. Thank you for SOMEONE finally catching onto that.

4.5 stars out of 5