P.S. I love you. Warning: A chick post. (blog)

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Article Date: January 10, 2008 | Publication: 7akifadi.com | Author: 7AKI FADI
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I watched the movie P.S. I love you yesterday and let me tell you how much of a sobbing wreck I was at the theater. But everybody was so I am not a freak.

The story is about a man who dies at the age of 35 and his wife dealing with the loss.
Jerry comes up with a plan which consists of sending her letters after he dies that instruct her on what to do and stuff like that.

The movie is really really funny and sad and the cast is PERFECT.

My friend and I were a total mess at the end and cursing every Hollywood movie that paints the unrealistic picture of a husband or partner.
Men donít write you letters from the dead and send you off on vacations to Irland with your best friends and send you a birthday present from the dead and on top of all that are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and IRISH .

Men forget important dates and they are clueless and are just human, not the picture perfect image these movies portray.

My friend said and I quote:
Ē I cried like through the whole thing and when I think about it I could cry again. Oh yeah there was a lot of hot men with Irish accents so itís worth renting or going to see it with someone.

It was sad but it was funny and really touching, and no man will ever be able to compete with Jerry (character in movie).
When I got home my boyfriend hadnít taped a show I watched and I got so mad all I could think was Jerry would have.

It ruins women and gives men no chance reallyĒ
LOL, that cracked me up royally, poor boyfriend, itís not his fault that Jerry is perfect and so unrealistic. I mean the movie just sets you up to feel that you are dating/married to an Ogre no matter how amazing your partner is.
Ladies, go watch it.

Check out the cast ::starts daydreaming:: YOU HAVE TO. Hot has been redefined.