Brace yourselves

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Article Date: January 11, 2008 | Publication: Evening Gazette | Author: Karen McLauchlan
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HILARY Swank’s latest movie P.S. I LOVE YOU may be pure fiction but the wound she received from her British co-star was very real.

The guilty party was Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who pinged his braces during an on-screen mock striptease and accidentally fired one of the clips smack into Hilary’s face!

She had blood pouring from the wound, which required several stitches and held up production of the romantic comedy for five days.

“It was a very funny scene and you couldn’t have scripted what happened,” says Hilary. “Gerard’s character, an Irishman named Gerry, was doing this strip routine to impress my character, Holly. Somehow the braces got caught and stretched, flirting the clip right across the room.

“It hit my face with those little teeth things digging into my skin. At the hospital, the surgeon said ‘What bit you?’

“Anyway, it wasn’t too long before I was back on set, with the slight remaining mark being referred to in the story as a pimple.

“Gerard, of course, was really upset by the whole thing and couldn’t apologise enough. He kept sending me gifts to make up for it, including a waffle maker, which was just brilliant because he knew I love waffles.”

Holly and Gerry’s romance is cut tragically short when he dies suddenly. That’s not giving the story away - the film revolves around their ongoing relationship, even after he’s gone via a series of letters from romantic Gerry.

Despite the death, the film is warm, funny, touching, uplifting and, yes, unashamedly sentimental. It will also do wonders for Ireland’s tourism as part of it is set in the glorious Wicklow National Park. Locations included a small farm in Enniskerry and the village of Ballylocken.

Throw in some great songs, including Fairytale of New York, by The Pogues, and a great supporting cast that includes Friends star Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Bates and a non-singing Harry Connick Jnr, and you have a recipe for a fun couple of hours.