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Article Date: January 14, 2008 | Publication: | Author: jenahville
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I went and saw this film over the holiday with my best friend. It's a total chick flick - but it's a chick flick that isn't TOO sappy or TOO emotional. It isn't afraid to be funny during a real heart breaking time - and I think that is one of the more realistic aspects of this film. And something that I truly admire. I'm a firm believer in laughter during ALL parts or events of our lives, you know? [Damn- I'd be insane by now if I wasn't!]

I don't want to give anything away for folks that haven't seen the film - but the general premise is this [and it isn't a secret by the way the trailers go....] Hillary Swank plays Holly whose husband, Gerry [the awesome Gerard Butler], dies too young. She soon discovers that he hasn't completely left her all alone, but has arranged for 10 messages to be delivered to her in order to help her put her life back on track. Holly, and the viewers, then get to go on a lovely and live trip down memory lane. It's a very needed journey as Holly has become stuck in her grief and has forgotten so much about herself and who she had wanted to be. In truth Gerry gives Holly a wonderful gift in his passing - which makes the film that much sweeter.

The supporting cast is good but not "terrific" - I think that is due to some poor development. Yes Lisa Kudrow is as funny as she looks in the trailers, but they didn't really develop the friend-base as well as I would have liked. Gina Gershon, as usual, is on target and, surprisingly, James Marsters is okay as her husband, and Gerry's business partner. Kathy Bates is absolutely fantastic as Holly's worried and frustrated mother. Harry Connick, Jr., is good and plays a character that is a little different than one we've seen. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is absolutely charming [and yes I'm totally biased]. But the real weight of the film kind of lands on Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank.

Gerard Butler is truly lovely in this film. And even though at first, you are wondering what he saw in Hillary's Holly, it isn't long before you just get it. It makes sense. That is how good I think Gerard is. I have to admit - I haven't really been a fan of Hillary Swank's. I haven't disliked her - but I haven't been a fan. I haven't seen her 2 big Oscar pictures. And don't care to. I did like her in the thriller, "The Gift", and actually thought she was really good in that. That was 7 years ago. So I went to see this film not knowing if I would like her in this kind of role or not.

But I did. I think that she brought a nice combination of weepy with the silly. Holly really isn't as put together as she strives to be and you kind of fall in love with her as she really tries to be what she thinks she SHOULD be as opposed to who she really is. She does have chemistry with her leading men - which was also a surprise to me since I haven't really thought of her as "feminine". Anyway - she is solid in this role and I think it was a very wise move on her part to move away from the very serious dramas to show she can do comedy and whimsy.

I really do recommend this film to just about anyone. It is very romantic. It is very sad. It is very funny. And the payoff is good - you don't feel cheated or rushed or pushed when you get there. It will make you laugh and cry - and feel GOOD.

So stop reading this crappy review and go see it!