Review: Shattered (DVD)

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Article Date: January 14, 2008 | Publication: | Author: Jose
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Pierce Brosnan enters the straight to DVD market with Shattered, a psychological thriller with twists and turns that leaves you interested and involved. The pace of the film moves well and doesnít leave you stuck in any awkward unnecessary scenes that I have so often seen in recent films. This Canadian Independent film has a nice cover and in your face name that makes it stand out in the rental bin at your local video store but other than that itís your average suspense movie. I say average because I saw some of the holes in the script a mile away. I shouldnít be so harsh but it was a squandering of talent and good money. They could have done better, thatís what makes me so angry.

Why didnít this movie see the light of day? There was possibly an inkling of a good theatrical release here if the script had someone to lovingly care for it. It just showed in limited release in only a handful of cities and had some great actors on board including Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello. Instead this film ended up on TNT with all the commercial interruptions and cuts inherent to broadcast TV. It seems the producers of this film didnít have the confidence after limited release to ship it out to a broader audience.

There are a few flaws in this generally decent DVD release. One being Brosnanís character and how he fit into the overall plot. Pierce Brosnan has had many roles in his career from the wonderful Remington Steele to the very well known James Bond. Iíve grown accustom to his vain, cool demeanor in his characters and itís hard for me to really see him as the supposed villain that he was to portray. Brosnanís villain was below the acting capabilities for his skill and should have been developed more. The audience gets no hints as to his internal motives or why he was going to such extremes to torture the couple. The sight of Brosnan as a psychotic was unappealing and didnít seem to fit quite right and it often feels like such an average performance from a good actor.

As the story unfolds I got pulled into its twists and turns as the kidnapping of a loving family becomes something more. Ryan (Brosnan) tells the family their daughter has been taken and unless they do exactly what says. Itís a wild ride and with each passing moment I thought I had figured it out, only to be led astray again. The family is led on a series of cryptic and strange challenges which seem to have no connection at all. It seemed to be a movie that tried to be something more but just couldnít make it out of the starting fence. With a less then stellar script it fails on a lot of levels. I wouldnít have wanted to see this movie at the theater. I would have been angry.

Itís a solid rental and should be enjoyable while sitting at home on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I donít want to say anymore about this movie. You deserve to be surprised and I hope you are. The less you know about the film the better off you are. So go put it on your queue or run down to the rental place and pick it up.