P.S. I love you review

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Article Date: January 27, 2008 | Publication: wordpress.com | Author: Tom Wheldon
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P.S. I love you is a brilliant romance with a side order of comedy and slight pinch of morbid humor. Iíve been asked by Jo no end to watch this movie and today was the day I got it out of my system. From that start I loved Gerard Butler performance playing Gerry and with him dying within 10 minutes I thought I wouldnít enjoy any one elseís performance but lucky for me thatís not the last we see of him, he pops up dozens of times as flash backs and day dreams. Another name I want to say was a wonderful performance was Lisa Kudrow playing the part of Hollyís best friend.

The Movie starts off slow with it trying to make us fall in love with Gerry before they kill of the character. I didnít enjoy the start to much as Iím not a big fan on girls feeling down shutting them selfís away watching old movies in PJís, but once the letters start coming the movie picks up and is funny and at some points morbidly funny

The movie is full of scenes that leaves you with a lump at the back of your throat (but as Iím a man, it didnít affect me, as the only thing that can ever make me cry is the end of Terminator 2 with the thumb partÖ yes you know it gets you too). At the end of the movie Jo said she was sick if crying all the way though it.

All in all I find this a great romance and it was very refreshing to watch a funny movie that didnít try to hard to make you laugh which kept it away from the evil genre of Romcom.

For all the girls out there this is a must see, and for the menÖ just take your loved on and watch how much she will hold on to you that night hoping the same would never happened to them.