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Article Date: February 7, 2008 | Publication: Thread | Author: Helen King
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Choosing the right first date movie can make or break a blossoming relationship, you really need to set the right atmosphere or it can be Friday nights on the couch alone with a tub of ice cream. PS I Love You has been described as a good date movie so I took my male flatmate along as a test subject.

WHAT’S ALL ABOUT? Holly Kennedy’s (Hilary Swank) life is shattered when her husband of nine years, the handsome Irishman Gerry (Gerard Butler), dies suddenly of a brain tumor. Holly finds herself alone and hopeless without Gerry, retreating into her apartment with Judy Garland movies for comfort. Holly is pulled out of her slump when she receives a message from beyond the grave. As he was dying, Gerry had written letters for Holly to help her without him. As Holly moves through her grief she begins to question whether she will ever love again but perhaps new love is closer than she thinks.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT? PS I Love You has some truly funny moments, the opening sequence highlights a fairly typical argument between husband and wife, “Is this one of those times where you think I’ve done something wrong?” Gerry asks his angry wife, a sharp look answers his questions. He has indeed done something wrong. Harry Connick Jnr’s character Daniel also provides comic relief during some of the sadder moments with his tactless comments and lack of social cues.

THE BAD? There wasn’t a lot I could fault in PS I Love You and despite my general dislike for romantic comedies I did enjoy the film. It was funny in that ‘I know that situation’ kind of a way and the director didn’t fall into the trap of making the film too sappy like many others of the same genre. The only element that irked me was Holly’s sister. Her character seemed pointless and didn’t quite pull off the intended quirky, out-there quality she was meant to have.

DO I RECOMMEND IT? Yes but not as a date movie! My poor flatmate looked traumatized when we got out of the theatre declaring ‘that was so depressing’. I couldn’t quite figure out why that was until I had thought about it for a while; PS I Love You does not have the fairytale ending that Hollywood usually offers, rather, it shows what happens when the fairytale doesn’t work out the way we expect.