Gerard Butler Interview in Magazine Première (France)

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Article Date: February 13, 2008 | Publication: Magazine Première (France) | Author: Mathieu Carratier
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Translation by Chantal Lambert

French women (and men)… your favourite Spartan is back… after killing a whole bunch of soldiers from the Persian army in “300”, Gerard Butler is back in “P.S. I Love You”, a romantic comedy in which he plays Hilary Swank’s late husband.. We knew there was something there….

(Interview by Mathieu Carratier)

- Correct me if I’m wrong, but in “P.S. I Love You” you spend the entire movie “inside” Hilary Swank’s head (meaning that the memory of her husband still linger in her mind…) who doesn’t accept your death and still see you in her apartment…

Gerard Butler: I still have the chance to still be alive in the very first scene of the movie…

- Did you see things that cannot be disclosed? (meaning inside Hilary’s head)

GB: Inside her head? I mostly saw way too much talent!!

- Did she show up on the set with both Oscars she won?

GB: Yes! That was so annoying! (laughs) No, seriously she would never do that, she has too much class. However, she always shows up with both her dogs and sometimes her bird named Mitch. Hilary is a phenomenal actress but she is still a normal l person, just like you and I.

- It must be a bit awkward to play a late character whose name is Gerry, it is after all your name.

GB: It seriously helped the other actors to remember my name while we were shooting the movie! I do have a lot of things in common with this character who’s a very down to earth guy from Ireland . Most of the clothes or jewels I wear in the movie are my own.

- And you’ve also been a rockstar, just like him…

GB: I’ve never been a professional musician even though I was in a band a many years ago while I was studying to be a lawyer…

- Lawyer in daytime, rockstar in nightime… almost a movie script!

GB: Oh believe me, we could write many movies based on my life itself! It was exactly like that: I was an apprentice in a law firm and one of the lawyers there was a guitarist who wrote songs I was performing. A fellow lawyer joined us and we finally ended up as a bunch of lawyers who all dreamed of becoming rockstars…

- What was the name of the band?

GB: “Speed” (laughs)

- In order to make those months of hard training for “300” profitable, do you know ask for a clause to be registered in your contracts, stipulating you must be shown naked from the waist up in all your new movies?

GB: No, and I’m thinking about asking the opposite! It would be best for me. I wasn’t born in a gym, if you know what I mean. If I have to train for a movie, like “300”, I do it until my bones hurt. I had a kind of inhuman force prior to that movie shooting, I pumped iron and I still don’t understand why if felt like I was possessed. I practiced every sword choreography until I was sick of it, lifted weighs 50 times between takes… totally crazy…

- ...Between takes?

GB: Yes. I really wanted to look like a Spartan, not like an actor playing the role of one. But now… I get sick just seeing a gym.

- How many calls did you get in the week end following the release of “300” in American theatres?

GB: I think I got 400 text messages and 150 calls. I spent the entire week end stressing out because I couldn’t call everyone instead of enjoying the success of the movie. I think every person I ever met in my life called me on that day. I never experienced such a thing, and probably will never experience it again.

- The phenomenal success of “300” brought you on top of the list in Hollywood. Movie remakes such as “Escape From New York” were taking form around your single name. Is it hard to keep both feet on the ground in such conditions?

GB: You have to focus on what’s in front of you and not paying attention to what’s being said. A movie project based on you is more or less an upcoming role you might play. You have more control over your career. That is why I decided not to be a part of the “Escape From New York” remake. The movie wasn’t gonna be what I hoped it would be and preferred quitting. I have the chance to say no to thing in which I don’t believe. It is a huge privilege.

- Where will you be having dinner tonight?

GB: At “P.S. I Love You’s” premiere.. and maybe dining in hell a bit later! (laughs)