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Article Date: February 26, 2008 | Publication: | Author: mailsukhi
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The story is about a young couple, madly in love inspite of the daily fights and quarrels. The husband dies of brain tumour when his wife is just about to turn 30. Before his death the husband anticipated how devastated his wife would be after heís gone and thus he makes plans to help his wife get over her sorrow of lossing him. Starting from her 30th birthday his wife now starts receiving letters written to her before his death which tell her what to do and thus enabling her to overcome her grief and pick up the strands of her life once again.

My Opinion:

Havenít read the book that forms the base of this movie, but I enjoyed the movie a lot. Missed the initial 3-5 minutes and started from where the 2 main characters the husband and wife were indulging in a verbal duel regarding a bigger apartment and making babies. The best part was that the plot was realistic. It happens!!! We fight with people we love dearly and then when tempers cool we regret saying all those horrible things and try to make peace.

I am sure the readers will agree that loosing that special someone will really have us all dishevelled and hallucinating for sure. Just imagine, if our partner has an oversight and tries to help us ride over our grief even after heís gone, he really did love and care for us like mad. I fell in love with Gerard and his acting skills. I havenít seen the movie í300í, but found him charismatic and hot even in this film. Didnít really like Hillary though, she didnít seem to suit the role.

Lisa I felt really added the humour element in the film. The film really made me laugh and cry at the same time. I had a hearty laugh in the scene where all the 3 girl friends were sitting in the boat with their life jackets bloated and waiting for someone to rescue them. I generally donít cry while watching movies, since a film is after all a film, still the scene where Holly (Hillary) hugs her mother and cries her heart out brought big, fat tears to my eyes. The film in itself was a visual treat to the eyes too. Ireland has been shown as picture perfect beauty, the countryside scenes really take your breath away. We get so busy in our everyday lives that we tend to forget that "Life is a truth but Death is the ultimate truth". Watching this film awakened me to this truth yet again and has made me treaure my better half even more.

My Advice to people who want to watch the film: Donít see it with a criticís eye, see it with the passion that the director has made it with and to take away a part of the story with you and you will absolutely adore it.