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Article Date: March 3, 2008 | Publication: The Daily P. O. P. | Author: Staff
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I heart Zack Snyder. He is doing his best to make the upcoming film adaptation of the ‘Citizen Kane of comics’ known as The Watchmen a delight for comic book fans. One of the many elements in the 12 part series was a comic that a young lad can be seen reading throughout the comic. Entitled ‘Tales of the Black Freighter,‘ it tells a dark and horrific story that is perfectly at home in the creepy EC Comics of the 1950’s.

While I doubt anyone expected a studio to okay producing a whole pirate epic along with the main feature, Snyder is still trying to tick every box in the dreamlist every fan of this series has mentally held since this film was first thought possible.

‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ Anime
Extra on the ‘Watchmen DVD’
February 29, 2008One of the elements that makes Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen so difficult to adapt for the screen is the “meta-comic” Tales of the Black Freighter, a faux EC classic drawn brilliantly by Gibbons working in the style of Joe Orlando. With its typical Al Feldstein interior monologue/first person narration, Tales of the Black Freighter is a pirate-themed saga that chronicles the physical and mental breakdown of a castaway — a deterioration that mirrors what’s happening to one of the main characters in the Watchmen saga. Tales of the Black Freighter is just one of many elements that add depth to the Watchmen narrative — and filmmakers, who have to pick and choose which facets of Moore’s saga to include, have typically excised the Black Freighter saga, but Zack Snyder has found a way to include it — he is adding an anime-style animated version of the comic-within-a-comic as an “extra” for the Watchmen DVD release.

Gerard Butler, who starred in Snyder’s hugely successful adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300, will voice the character of the castaway, who escapes from a deserted island on a raft made from the bloated corpses of his former crew, and whose mental and physical deterioration culminates in one of those heavily ironic “twist” endings so typical of EC Comics. Butler has confirmed his participation in the animated Tales of the Black Freighter to Empire Magazine, and there is little doubt that his sonorous voice will be perfect for the first person narrative of the castaway captain struggling mightily to intercept a ghost freighter headed for his home port.