Nim's Island Fansite Conference Call Transcript

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Article Date: March 17, 2008 | Publication: Nim's Island Press Junket | Author: webberphan
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Gerry: Hello?

Everyone: Hello

GERRY: Oh, I'm all speaking to you at the same time?

Unknown: Yeah, apparently

GERRY: Oh sh*t, now I'm nervous

Unknown: It'll be okay, We don't bit too hard

GERRY: Does everyone want to say their name real quick? I mean, I have them but it's better if you say them.

Unknown: Okay

Agos: Hi this is Agos

GERRY: Agos,

Agos: Ya

GERRY: Okay, hello Agos

Sue: Hi Gerry, this is Sue, I'm calling from Baltimore, Maryland

Gerry: Okay, hey sue

Linda: Aloha Gerry, this is Linda from GB Angels

GERRY: Hey, how are you doing?

Kim: This is Kim from GBUSA

GERRY: Hello Kim

Nicole: Hi Gerry this is Nicole from GBNetwork

GERRY: Wow , I love this, Angels, Hearts, Gals, Network, you must be thinking, what else, what other name can we print? GB Strawberry Pie, GB refrigerator. Sorry, go on.

Dayna: Dayna with Gals

GERRY: Who is this?

Dayna: Dayna with Gals

GERRY: Dayna

Dayna: Yes

GERRY: But I have a Dayna Linton

Dayna: Okay, this is Dayna Linton with Gals

GERRY: Oh, oh you said Dayna with Gals

Dayna: Yeah that's right, Dayna Linton with …

GERRY: I'm sorry

GERRY: sounded like that was your last name, I thought you were saying Dayna Withgal or something.

GERRY: Hey Dayna, how are you?

Dayna: I'm doing wonderful, how are you?

GERRY: I'm good, I'm good, nice to speak with you again.

Dayna: You too

Sue: Gerry I didn't say where I was from, this is Sue from


Sue: Sue

GERRY: Oh Sue,

Sue: Yeah

GERRY: Okay, I don't give a sh*t... no, I'm joking. (laughter)

GERRY: Well, do we have, do we have an Ashley?

Ashley: From the, yeah, from the Butler Did It.

GERRY: Okay, The Butler Did It, great, that's great. Sue, I hope you didn't take offense. You say these things as a joke and then the next minute your fans go I can't believe he said that, that means he doesn't like and that he likes Angels more…laughs

Sue: No, I have two sons, so, you know,

GERRY: Okay, okay. Anyway……welcome everybody. Hello.

All: Hello

Joy: Do you want to start asking what's the first question

GERRY: Shut up Joy

GERRY: Okay, Agos

Agos: Yeah me.


Agos: Well, I'm calling from Argentina, on behalf of Celtic Hearts and


Agos: Wow what?

GERRY: Wow, I just think, you know, I always imagined Celtic was, you know, more of ah, more of a kind of Scottish Irish flavor. So, that's kind of awesome you're in Argentina.

Agos: We have people from everywhere, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, everywhere.

GERRY: That is so cool.

Agos: Yes, I know.

Agos: I have a question from Cynthia. And it's, this is the first time you've played two different characters in the movie, Alex Rover and the dad. And we wanted to know if it was difficult to change between the two characters, which one was your favorite and why?

GERRY: Ummm, okay. I guess that's like 3 question, not really one. But that's okay because they all kind of fit together. We tried to make sure that I was playing both characters at different times. Ummm... because, I don't want sound like, you know too much like ah.. that kind of pretentious actor, but it actually is weird when you jump from one character to another one in the same day, especially when they have such kind of big stories going on. So, we tried write it, well there was also the whole makeup thing I mean, their beards were different lengths and so, it was also a bit of, practically a bit of a pain to swap them over when it was close in time to each other. But it happened and there were certain days to jump from Alex Rover to Jack, or from Jack to Alex Rover. And um, it felt a little weird but, you know, you kinda get away with, and you think, you know what, how big of a difference is it really, yeah I could be precious about it, but it wasn't, it wasn't too bad and, I often think that being under the gun like that, actually, it can only help your experience and um, for the future you know, when it's all too easy. My favorite character, that's a difficult one because I really enjoyed them both, to be shooting the sh*t with Jodie Foster, and we had so much fun and I really loved our scenes because they're ones that I really got to relate to somebody... and, and push somebody.. and in a very funny way and to, to kinda rip the sh*t out of somebody. I guess we can't say sh*t, you know, rip the.. something out of somebody... um …that was fun. Ah, but then again, my stuff with Abigail, half of that was on the coolest set, or on Hinchinbrook Island, which was just delightful and beautiful and romantic and cool and umm, so I enjoyed that as well. But the thing is with Jack, I spent half the time in the water and I mean in out in the sea and it wasn't summer. So I spent half my time soaking wet, and freezing and pretty miserable, so I'd probably say Alex.

Agos: Okay, thank you.

GERRY: For that reason, thank you.

Agos: Okay, thanks.

GERRY: Hello Argentina.

Agos: Thank you, Hello Gerry.

GERRY: Hello

Agos: yup

GERRY: Am I asking you a question or are you asking me a question?

Agos: No I'm done

GERRY: Oh, your done?

Sue: Okay, I'll go next

Agos: If you want, I can keep talkin

GERRY: No, But.. I, all I heard.. I thought you said 'Hello Gerry'. So I thought it was the next person.

Agos: Oh no, when you said Hello Argentina, was saying hello back.

GERRY: Oh I see, alright, well good..goodbye … it nice talking to you.

Agos: Okay, you too.

GERRY: Okay bye, bye.

Sue: Hi Gerry, it's Sue. Umm, you've mentioned in a lot of your interviews lately, that you've been getting a lot of good scripts since 300. After reading this script, Nim's Island, what made you say 'I want to do this'?

GERRY: You know, sometimes a script just has a bit of magic to it. You can't really say.. I want to do it because of this, I want to do it because of that, and you just read something and it really charms you. You know, and I think that, I was probably in the midst of, ah.. reaction to '300'. I mean, not to take away of how proud I am of that movie and how much it surpassed my expectations. But, then I thought the risk now, is to go on and it was very tempting and there was a lot of offers coming through, to do things very much similar style to '300', or in the action genre and I just didn't want to do that. And I read this script and I found it really touching and really unusual and a lot of fun. And when it first came to me, it was only one role. And we said, you know what, the one role itself is not big enough. It was actually my ex-agent Brent Joel.. who has just left, who suggested that we, umm, that if I played two characters and suddenly we looked at it and said makes perfect sense, how awesome, you know because it does give it that Peter Pan quality. And um, so, I said, you know I would do it for that. And that's what happened and I think also to know, you know the hilarious thing is whenever you mention, Jodie Foster has such incredible respect and whenever I would mention Abigail, people would get so excited. Like, as excited if not more than when I mentioned I was working with Angelina Jolie. It'd be like Oh My God, I Love her! she is so incredible'. And I would be like, great here we go again, somebody who's more excited about the person I'm working with rather than me. I'm getting sick of that. I'll tell you what else I'm getting sick of, hearing Academy Award Winner, blah, blah, blah, Academy Award Nominee, blah, blah, blah, and Gerard Butler. (Laughs) I just read one today and it was Academy Award Winner, Academy Award Nominee and heart-throb Gerard Butler. Yeah, I won the heart-throb stakes because you know…there was nothing else to say.

Sue: Well, thanks

GERRY: Thank you.

Linda: Aloha Gerry, this is Linda from GB Angels from California.

GERRY: Hey Linda

Linda: How are you?

GERRY: I'm okay, how are you?

Linda: It's so nice to talk to you again. Hey, congratulations on your Evil Twins Production Company.

GERRY: Oh thank you, thank you.

Linda: We're very excited for you and looking forward to all your film projects.

GERRY: Cool, so am I.

Linda: Ah, your Angels would like to know, in this film you play opposite a child and animals. Did you have to adlib a lot and which was more fun and challenging to act with?

GERRY: Umm, you know, it's hard to play opposite animals, definitely. Especially animals that are, you know, I think it would be easier to work with them, like a dog or something that is more domesticated and generally works more with humans. With the sea lion was great, but it was definitely more unpredictable and also huge, and I was amazed at how brave Abigail was. Because for me, I didn't spend as much time with them, but there was always a slight sense of as much as.. wow this is incredible, slight discomfort. Because they are, so much bigger than you, and their teeth are huge and sharp and they look so power... I didn't realize just how big and powerful they were. And the pelican was massive as well and it was insane, there was no controlling it and it once flew behind me and I'm trying to play this scene, not knowing if this thing was about to rip my ear off. It looked, apparently, like I was growing wings on my back, these massive wings shape behind me. But I couldn't call Abigail, it wasn't like working with a child, because, she was actually an inspiration to act with. She's such a phenomenal actress and such a grown up little kid. And in all the best ways, not too grown up and in an annoying way, just grown up in a professional way, but still sweet and fun loving, and I loved working with her. I was the child and I was the one hard to work with.

Linda: Well, at least the animals didn't fine you for every swear word


Linda: By the way, how much money did you end up donating?

GERRY: Ah, you know what, too much. I don't know, I think it ended up being about 50 or 60 dollars or something like that. And, um, there was one time I gave her money and she wouldn't give me change. Then I tried to get credit, cause I'm like, okay you know what I gave you 8 dollars extra, that's another 4 swear words and she's like, I'm sorry son, it doesn't work like that. There's no change in this business we have to start from scratch. She's ah, she's a tough negotiator.

Linda: Well, thanks for answering Gerry, and hey, are we going to be seeing you at the Hollywood Premiere?

GERRY: Yes, I'm going to be there.

Linda: Oh great, thank you.

GERRY: I'll see you there.

Linda: Okay


Ashley: Hello Gerry, this is Ashley from The Butler Did It.

GERRY: Hey, how are you doing?

Ashley: Good, good. I have a question from one of our members in the UK Claire, in Sussex England.


Ashley: And she wants to know, she says in Nim's Island one of your roles, Alex Rover is a character from a book of fiction written by Alexandra, Jodie Foster's character. If you could portray one literary character from any favorite novel of yours, which would it be and why?

GERRY: Umm, you just reminded me of a couple that actually we're trying to do right now, that we have to keep it under wraps so I can't say. But ummm, oh God that's a tough one. Burns is one that everyone knows about. He's been written about in many novels, but if it's a fictionalized character, then, that is, oh God that's a tough one. I don't know, I don't know. You know what I should say to keep the fans happy is that Jamie character from Outlander cause I never received a f…, sorry to swear, I never received a novel so many times from so many, it's always female, saying you gotta play Jamie in Outlander. This is you. I don't know if any of you guys heard of that, or heard.. yeah? Let me gut.. I'm gonna think right now because seriously I'm drawing a blank from 31 hours of flying from India, and I'm who do I, who do I want to play in a, that I read in a fiction novel. Did you say a fictional or did you just say any?

Ashley: A fictional character.

GERRY: Fictional character. Ummm, let me get back to you, because I'm literally drawing a blank right now.

Kim: Hi Gerry, this is Kim from GBUSA.

GERRY: Hey Kim.

Kim: Umm, one of our, one of the girls on the site talks about how from reading the book and seeing the trailers that Jack is alone a lot, lost out on the sea. So you're kinda playing against yourself. Is it harder to do a scene alone other than, versus playing against another actor?

GERRY: Yes it is. Umm, because obviously you have to explain a lot of your mental processes out loud. And while that's done, it's just harder to do in a more natural way. So, one, you got no one to play against so it's hard to adjust your, your levels and think, okay what am I..what am I reacting against here? You're just reacting to yourself in situations, umm, so it is little weird but it's just something you get use too and like I say, I always try to look at these strange situations like singing in The Phantom or playing with only blue screen in 300 or this, just dealing with myself, to my advantage, to try and learn from it. I'll probably watch the film and I'll be like, 'oh, God that sucks', but this is how I could do it better next time. You know, but ummm, yeah.

Kim: Thank you.

GERRY: Thank you.

Dayna: Okay, this is Dayna.

GERRY: Hello

Dayna: How is Hawaii?

GERRY: How's what?

Dayna: Hawaii

GERRY: You know, it's very nice, my first time here. I'm staying in a hotel and I came straight here and ah, I came from 31 hours of traveling from India. So, it's um, I'm a little bit jet lagged. So

Dayna: I'll bet

GERRY: So far I'm looking at it through jet lagged eyes.

Dayna: Some of the questions I have, have already been asked. But I thought this was a little bit different twist and this came from, GoodGirlWildStreak. And ah, she says, you seem to often note an emotional connection to the roles you play and I heard you describe yourself as a bad boy with a good heart. Was there something about the duality of the role of Alex Rover, the bad boy and gregarious adventurer and Jack, the broken hearted, loving father, scientist and loner that you identified with and brought you to this project?

GERRY: Umm, yeah absolutely, they had kind of both sides of the coin. And then also just generally, if you put them both together, made up kind of their composite, their joining was just like one human being with all of it going on. Because it wasn't just like, wasn't as simple as Alex just being a bad boy and Jack being full of pain. They both had a lot of, what I found was playing them was, that they actually both had a lot of similarities going on. I mean, they both were very funny, they both had the ability to laugh at themselves, they were both true heroes, hardworking and courageous. So, Jack fell, in the more normal sense of things, but even if you were to say that you think wait a minute, what is normal about a scientist who sails around the world a couple of times and ends up on a little island in the middle of nowhere with just his daughter. I mean, they both live pretty insane lives, but yeah, without a doubt, Jack is at the more emotional, kind of, emotional end of the scale with definitely some grief stored in there. You never feel that Alex, Alex entertains that whatsoever. But I would say when you put them all together, there's all those parts of me that I identify with, especially in other characters so it was interesting and lovely to take that on, and make those discoveries, again. If anything came out of it, it was like, there is no black and white in anybody, nobody's bad, nobody's good, we've just all bits of everything inside us.

Dayna: I apologize, I'm getting a call on another line.

GERRY: (laughs)

Dayna: If you hear beeping, that's what's happening. Sorry about that.

GERRY: Take it, tell them your little bloody busy at the moment.

Dayna: Yeah, darn it. I knew that would happen. Well, thank you very much, appreciate it.

GERRY: No problem, who am I coming back to?

Joy: Has everyone asked a question?
GERRY: Yeah, but I didn't answer, I didn't answer, umm

Joy: I think it was Ashley

GERRY: Ashley, ask me another question. I'm sorry I can't think, I can't

Nicole: I still get to ask one.

Joy: Yeah Nicole, you still got to ask one.

GERRY: Oh Nicole, sorry. Okay.

GERRY: Meanwhile, Ashley think of another question, because I don't know if it'll come up while I'm answering, and I just don't want to give a bullsh*t answer.

Nicole: Okay, I'm Nicole and from Australia

GERRY: Hey Nicole

Nicole: And I was just wondering how you liked Australia when you were here and what did you get up to off your days of filming.

GERRY: Umm, when I was down on the Gold Coast there, I, Umm, there was always training to be done anyways in terms of the swimming, or learning to use a boat, but I did have a bit of time off. And to be honest, it was just, it was kind of beautiful down there, so I spent a lot of time just down at the beach, I would play a lot of football. I went to some Australian Rules Football, I went to a couple of their games, I met, it's so easy to meet people down there, that I was always taking on these kinda crazy adventures and I ended up finding myself at these charity dinner dances and like all over the place, and seeing some awesome nature, and going up into the mountains and out in people's boats. So I kinda got up to a lot, in fact, a friend of mine, he had a big boat out there so, one day we took everybody, all the cast, came out on the boat and all their families...

Nicole: What did you think of Aussie Rules Football?

GERRY: It was awesome, it was awesome. Who did we go see, what was the town just down from the Gold Coast?

Nicole: Brisbane?

GERRY: Brisbane, I went to see the Brisbane's, is it the Lions? or something? And

Nicole: Yup, yup Brisbane Lions.

GERRY: And I met their main player, who took us around for like an hour and half, after the game, he was awesome, the nicest guy, and one of the best sportsmen I've ever seen.

Nicole: Yup

GERRY: So, that's what I love about Australians, they have, no airs and graces, they're just really cool no matter what they do, you know. And I also got a chance to go to Melbourne a couple of times, and Sydney, which are both, Melbourne is the coolest city. I was, I've never been so surprised by a city, and then Hinchinbrook, it was like being in paradise. You know a place with a rainforest, untouched beaches, mangroves, and apparently one of the top five hikes in the world, I mean, pretty incredible.

Nicole: Yeah Queensland's beautiful.

GERRY: Yeah, yeah, Good country you've got.

GERRY: Who, who didn't I answer. Ashley?

Ashley: I'm trying to think of another one, okay, here I have one. Umm, Ida from New Jersey wanted to know, and I know you have your production company starting and lots of projects there but she wanted to know, since more and more film stars are crossing over to do television, was there any TV show you would be interested in that perhaps guesting on like, ah, clan leader meeting, in Fourteenth Century Scotland, helping Doctor Who or whatever.


Ashley: No?

GERRY: No, I don't really have any. You know the only thing I'd like to go on is South Park.


GERRY: I don't even know if they're even still running anymore, but I,.. it's, one of my favorite shows and I would love to go on South Park. But, in terms of TV shows, I mean I thought it sometimes and that would be fun to go on that, but, to be honest, I'm more than happy just sticking with films.

Joy: Well, ladies, we're going to wrap it up, thank you so much for your time.

(Thank you Gerry, Thank you so much, Thank you, Thanks Gerry)

GERRY: Thank you, thank you ladies, okay take care, bye bye.

(Bye bye)