Thandie Newton Says Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla is a Trilogy?! (Blog)

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Article Date: March 25, 2008 | Publication: First | Author: Alex Billington
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The more I hear about RocknRolla, the more excited I get. I think it has something to do with the fact that I love Snatch and have been waiting for Guy Ritchie to bring us another brilliant British heist film like that one. The delectable Thandie Newton (pictured above in the film), who stars as the female lead, spoke with MTV recently and shared some rather exciting details about the film, the least of which include that Ritchie wants to make this a trilogy. Although there's still 7 months left until its release, you can start getting excited for it now.

Guy Ritchie is one of England's finest filmmakers, but he's not necessarily the quickest. Snatch came out in 2000 and his follow-up, Revolver, in 2005. Typically more time working on a project means it could turn out better, but Thandie asserts otherwise: "We shot incredibly quickly [on the first]. There were three weeks pre-production. He just gets on with it. He absolutely does not see challenges as intimidating." I guess that's a good thing? As long as that means his next film is as brilliant as Snatch, then it sounds good to me!

Now back on topic - the trilogy. How would this work? Well, plot details are still very slim, but Thandie explains her enthusiasm: "'RocknRolla' is one of three films and Guy's keen to get going on that straight away. [The second and third films in the series] are going to be excellent. I can't wait." If you're still left scratching your head wondering how a heist plot could turn into a trilogy - you're not alone.

Thandie explains that RocknRolla is a simple game of "follow the money" but involves a variety of disparate and needy characters who eventually all come together. London's criminal underworld takes notice of a Russian mobster's shady land deal, a scam that puts millions of dollars up for grabs. Thandie plays Stella, a "crooked accountant", and is joined by Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, and Ludacris. Thandie also tells MTV about who lives and who doesn't, but since thats a bit of a spoiler we'll leave the decision to hear about that in your own hands.

To read up on all things RocknRolla including more on the cast, go back and read the first announcement from May and the casting announcement from late June and check out a video from the set we posted in October. RocknRolla is currently scheduled to hit theaters on Halloween - October 31st.