'Timeline' Begins Principal Photography

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Article Date: April 16, 2002 | Publication: Paramount Pictures | Author: Press Release
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Richard Donner Directs the Mystery Thriller Based on Michael Crichton's Bestseller

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 16 -- ``Timeline'' began principal photography on Monday, April 8, 2002 in Montreal. The 15-week production will be filmed primarily in and around the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec. Based upon the best-selling mystery thriller by Michael Crichton, the film is directed by Richard Donner and produced by Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner and James Van Wyck. The screenplay is by Jeffrey Maguire and George Nolfi and Frank Capello, based on the novel by Crichton. The Director of Photography is Caleb Deschanel.

The cast of ``Timeline'' features Paul Walker (``The Fast and the Furious''), Gerard Butler (``Attila The Hun''), Frances O'Connor (``A.I.,'' ``Bedazzled''), David Thewlis (``Naked,'' ``Dinotopia''), Anna Friel (``The War Bride,'' ``Me Without You''), Ethan Embry (``Vegas Vacation''), Rossif Sutherland, Neal McDonough (``Minority Report,'' ``Band of Brothers''), Michael Sheen (``Four Feathers,'' ``Heartlands''), Lambert Wilson (``Matrix II and III'') and Matt Craven (``Dragonfly,'' ``The Life of David Gale'').

In ``Timeline,'' a group of archeologists and students are working on a dig at a medieval site in France. When their team leader Professor Johnston, disappears, they discover an impossible clue to his whereabouts. Their search for him leads them to confront their benefactor, a tycoon whose company has developed an amazing technology that will allow them to 'fax' objects through time. The team is recruited to follow their stranded professor in a perilous journey beyond their wildest dreams, to 14th century feudal France.

Now, caught amidst the Hundred Years War between England and France, these archaeologists won't just be excavating history -- they'll have to survive it.

Filmmaker Richard Donner has been involved in the production and/or direction of numerous blockbusters such as all four ``Lethal Weapon'' films, ``Maverick,'' ``Superman,'' ``The Goonies'' and the TV series ``Tales from the Crypt.'' Lauren Shuler Donner has produced a wide range of films including ``St. Elmo's Fire,'' ``X-Men,'' ``You've Got Mail,'' ``Dave,'' and the highly popular ``Free Willy'' films. She will also be producing the upcoming sequel to ``X-Men,'' ``X2.''

Best-selling author Michael Crichton has written 13 novels, directed six films and is the Creator/Co-Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning television series, ``ER.'' Of his novels, Timeline is the 12th to be made into a film. The other screen adaptations of his books include: ``Jurassic Park,'' ``The Lost World: Jurassic Park,'' ``Congo,'' ``Rising Sun,'' ``Disclosure,'' ``Jurassic Park III,'' ``The Terminal Man,'' ``The Great Train Robbery,'' ``The 13th Warrior,'' ``Sphere'' and ``The Andromeda Strain.''

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