‘Nim’s Island’ great family film

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Article Date: April 5, 2008 | Publication: 2theadvocate.com | Author: Rachel Shepard
Publication/Article Link:http://www.2theadvocate.com/entertainment/movies/reviews/17302729.html

"Nim’s Island” is a secluded South Pacific island that is inhabited only by a young girl, Nim (Abigail Breslin); her scientist father, Jack Rusoe (Gerard Butler); and a host of animal friends.

When Jack goes missing after a scientific exploration at sea, Nim is left alone on the island and seeks help from Alex Rover (also Gerard Butler), her favorite hero from a fictional adventure series. However, Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster) the author of the Rover books is no adventurer, but a recluse who is afraid of everything. When Nim requests Alexandra’s help, they must both find the strength and courage from their adventure hero to save each other and Nim’s Island.

The plot reminds me of the good old Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson days, with the tight knit family living off the island, doing everything they can to keep the island protected from invaders. Even Nim and Jack’s last name, Rusoe, is way too similar to Crusoe to be a coincidence.

My only complaint about the movie was that toward the middle the plot began to drag on. The beginning was great, you really got introduced to the characters, the action was exciting, and it was highly entertaining.

At first, Alexandra’s interactions with the fictional Alex Rover were comedic, but as they kept talking to each other throughout the film, the conversations became more and more of a nuisance. When he finally left Alexandra and leapt into the sea, I was glad to see him go, even if his swimming away in a leather jacket and cowboy hat was a bit ridiculous.

I really just wanted to see more of germaphobic Alexandra’s interactions with Nim on the island. The little you did see toward the end was very amusing, but I felt more time could have been spent following Alexandra on the island, rather than talking to Alex Rover about the island.

Despite the plot flaws and being a bit predictable, the actors were excellently cast and did a great job with their roles.

Foster did an excellent job with Alexandra, especially as Alexandra changed as a character. It didn’t feel forced or awkward like it sometimes can. Foster made everything about her character seem natural; she is always great to watch on film. Even her physical comedy bits where she fought an imaginary character were hilarious.

Butler, too, played an outstanding role as the sensitive dad, as well as the action adventure hero. In his Alex Rover scenes he reminded me of his character in “P.S. I Love You,” but it might just be because his rough and tough good looks. Either way the ladies will enjoy watching him in this film.

I was most impressed with Breslin. I loved her in Little Miss Sunshine, but she really brought the magic to “Nim’s Island.”

“Nim’s Island” may not necessary become a classic, but it is definitely a really fun film to which to take the family. Kids will enjoy the action and adventure, and even the adults can appreciate the nature of the film. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a family night out or who just wants to see a wholesome entertaining film.