Interview with Aaron Yoo

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Article Date: April 4, 2008 | Publication: Asia Pacific Arts | Author: Ada Tseng
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The film he just finished working on, Game, is a futuristic sci-fi thriller, where multi-player video games have been created to allow players to control actual humans. Alison Lohman, Aaron Yoo, and Ludacris' characters make up the visible faces of a resistance movement who are out to destroy these games, since they are destroying any sense of society and culture left in the world.

"My friend describes it as Blade Runner meets Fifth Element meets 300," says Yoo. "The things that they're doing are crazy. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor [the directors of Crank] get dragged on roller blades, holding the camera, just shooting these action scenes. They took over downtown Albuquerque and just blew shit up for 12 weeks."