Movie Review - Nim's Island

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Article Date: April 7, 2008 | Publication: McCook Daily Gazette | Author: Cody Dame
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Nim's Island is the story of Nim(Abigail Breslin), who has lost her mother at sea and lives on an island with her father(Gerard Butler). When her father leaves to do research at sea, she is left all alone. After a particularly bad storm, she is concerned about her Dad returning home. She manages to convince an author to come to the island to help thinking that the author is actually the hero in the novels.

As you can tell, Nim's Island is a pretty straightforward kid in distress must fend for herself movie in the vein of Home Alone with a bit more adventure thrown in. I was unimpressed by the trailers/advertisements for this particular show, but without much choice for new flicks, I reluctantly buckled down to watch what was undoubtedly a rather lackluster flick. However, I was quite suprised. By the end of the movie, I had actually started to enjoy it.

From the very beginning, the movie starts to pull you in with rather simple animations that lead into the actual story and actors/actresses. This is where the producers of the flick did the best and that was casting Abigail Breslin in the lead role. Abigail was already nominated for an academy award for her work in Little Miss Sunshine and deserved it. Now, she does a great job centering the entire story of Nim's Island. The acting work is great, but nowhere near phenomenal, but it's hard to be phenomenal when the script holds you back. Another slight complaint is the seemingly simple nature of the flick. It rarely throws much in the way of depth or true emotional impact, but does do an excellent job of entertaining.

The flick is tailored towards a young girl audience and does so very well with two heroines who both have to overcome fears and obstacles with very little help. This is a great flick for young girls and has a wonderful lesson of being the hero of your own story. Before I get too 'educational,' let me first mention that this is a Hollywood movie and by no means will this come across as an educational video, but its nice to have some values presented during the flick in a way that supplements the story.

The two adults in the movie do a decent job with Gerard Butler playing duel roles as an imaginary friend/storybook character and as Nim's Dad. Jodie Foster plays the author who tries to come to Nim's rescue. She does an okay job but is by far the weakest link in this flick. The cinematography is well done and the directing is strictly by the book, but the story or target audience doesn't lend itself well to more advanced/interpretive directing and is best played straight.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and feel like my daughter will really enjoy it in the next year or so when she gets just a little bit older. The movie has comedy, action, adventure, animals, and one fart joke. Everything a young person could desire!

I suggest checking it out as a family flick or with a younger daughter, as the teens will not enjoy it and adults alone won't find much to associate with.