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Article Date: April 7, 2008 | Publication: At the Movies | Author: David Stratton
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Nim, (ABIGAIL BRESLIN), has lived on a remote volcanic island in the Pacific with her marine biologist father, Jack, (GERARD BUTLER), since her mother was swallowed up by a whale.

Accompanied everywhere by animals, Nim has a vivid imagination and in her mind brings the adventure stories written by Alex Rover to life, visualising an action adventurer who looks just like her Dad.

When Dad is apparently lost at sea, Nim manages to communicate by email with the real Alex Rover, Alexandra, (JODIE FOSTER), a decidedly un-adventurous woman who never ventures out of her San Francisco apartment.

Realising that the little girl is in peril, Alex, despite her better judgement, sets off on a rescue mission.

This adaptation of a book by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard is a family film with a very familiar theme - be the hero of your own story.

It was mainly filmed on Hinchinbrooke Island, off the Queensland Coast and it certainly looks beautiful.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN proves again that she can play determined little girls with complete conviction and Jodie Foster is in fine form as the reclusive writer who reluctantly embarks on an adventure of her own.

With these elements, directors Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett are on firm ground, but generally their work is clunky and unsubtle. A bunch of overweight Australian tourists are grossly caricatured, and Nimís animals, which possess Disney-like human characteristics, are excessively cute.

Further comments
DAVID: Margaret?

MARGARET: They are excessively cute but, you know, in contrast to the SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, I actually think this is most probably a film suitable for the whole family. I mean, even the very youngies are going to love it. They're going to love the animals.

DAVID: Yeah. I mean, you don't find those animals irritating? They really annoyed me.

MARGARET: I like the seals. I did like the seals. But, you know, I mean this is a husband and wife team, this Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. And I think that's a major achievement being able to...

DAVID: Yeah, you don't often find that.

MARGARET: ...develop this project together and work it out together and apparently work it out very, you know, well between the two of them. I don't know that this has been as well directed as, for example, the SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES. And I don't know that Gerard Butler is as comfortable in the father role as he is as the rollicking adventurer Alex.

DAVID: Do you think he's an actor of, should we say, limited range?

MARGARET: Well, he's done not very much so far so we're going to have to wait and see on that one. But I also think it's lovely seeing Jodie Foster taking on something other than, you know, a dramatic role.

DAVID: Yeah. No, she's lovely in it. I think so.

MARGARET: Well, she obviously enjoyed it, I must say.

DAVID: Yeah. I think she's lovely. Yeah.

MARGARET: And little Abigail Breslin is furthering her career, as well.

DAVID: But it did worry me that the Australian tourists in the film were so unbelievably awful.

MARGARET: Maybe that's the way Americans see us, David.

DAVID: Do you think? That's a terrible thing to think.

MARGARET: This could be a worry. It could be a worry.

Margaret: 3 stars/5
David: 2.5 stars/5