Wicked Whispers

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Article Date: July 1, 2004 | Publication: DAILY MAIL (London) | Author: Editors
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ANTONIO BANDERAS has found a shoulder to cry on after falling out with old friend Lord Lloyd-Webber.

The actor, pictured left with new best friend Shrek - Antonio provides the voice of Puss-In-Boots in Shrek 2 - is on non-speakers with our musical peer after Gerard Butler was cast in the film version of Phantom Of The Opera instead of him. Says Banderas:'I was in contact with Andrew for years. He called me innumerable times, saying:"We're going to do this. We have the money and Warner Bros is going to do it." And suddenly I heard that somebody else was going to do it. He didn't tell me. I heard from my agent.' Ouch.

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