Capone Is Still Rising (Blog)

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Article Date: April 22, 2008 | Publication: Chicago Actor Blog | Author: Staff
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The very handsome and terrific actor, heartthrob Gerard Butler still intends to come back to

The Scot told journalist and Chicago favorite Cindy Pearlman that he is still very much attached to Brian De Palma’s prequel to “The Untouchables” entitled “Capone Rising.”

Butler, who said that the script is one of the best that he has read, acknowledges that there is a major problem…they are still trying to finding the right Capone, after actor Nic Cage pulled out last year.

The story revolves around a very young Jimmy Malone (the character played by Sean Connery) and a young
Al Capone (played by Robert DeNiro).

Of course,’s suggestion was Johnny Depp…but alas, he’s Dillinger. Although we do admit that it would be dynamite casting!

Our second choice would be Mr. Iron Man himself-Robert Downey Jr..

Any other suggestions?