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Article Date: May 1, 2008 | Publication: My Movies.net | Author: Staff
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Coming to DVD on the 28th April, 2008 is the taut psychological thriller “Butterfly on a Wheel” courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. “Butterfly on a Wheel” asks the question; what happens when your daughter's kidnapper decides he doesn't want the ransom money?

Neil (Gerard Butler) and Abby (Maria Bello) Randall have the perfect life and a perfect marriage. With their beautiful young daughter, Sophie, they are living the American dream... until now that is.

When Sophie is suddenly kidnapped, they have no choice but to comply with the abductors demands. The cold and calculating Irish-American kidnapper - Ryan (Pierce Brosnan), takes over their lives with the brutal efficiency of someone who has nothing to lose.

In the blink of an eye Neil and Abby's safe and secure existence is turned upside down. Over the next 24 hours they are at the mercy of a man who wants only one thing; that they do his bidding. It soon becomes clear that Ryan's demands are all the more terrifying... because he doesn't want their money. What he wants is for Neil and Abby's life that they have built over 10 years, to be systematically dismantled and destroyed, piece by piece.

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