P.S. I Love You an OK chick flick

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Article Date: May 3, 2008 | Publication: The Sudbury Star | Author: Wayne Chamberlain
Publication/Article Link:http://www.thesudburystar.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1012008

Well, it's not the greatest week in the world for DVD releases, something you can probably chalk up to the release of Iron Man in theatres and Grand Theft Auto IV for the video game crowd.

The big DVD of the week is a chick flick starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Interesting casting to be sure. The female boxer from Million Dollar Baby and the dude from 300. But if you're expecting a tale of love on a battlefield, you're in for a shock.

P.S. I Love You is a bit of a strange film in that the lovers are divided after one of them dies. What follows is a tale of how one door closing can actually open another to a life that, while unexpected, can be equally rewarding.

Butler plays an Irishman named Gerry, who discovers he has a terminal illness. This devastates his better half, Holly, played to perfection by Swank, whose depth and emotional range are used effectively.

Holly goes into a shell after Gerry dies. But on her 30th birthday, she gets a surprise - a cake from Gerry, accompanied by a tape recording. Prior to his death, Gerry taped messages and wrote letters that are delivered periodically to Holly, urging her to get out, rediscover herself and move on. The messages all end with Gerry telling Holly he loves her.

Swank carries the film and she does a good job. She's one of those actresses who is attractive, tough and vulnerable all at the same time and she commands your attention whenever she's on the screen.

Butler showcases his comedic side, which wasn't exactly explored in 300 or The Phantom of the Opera. It's obvious he's a gregarious chap and is immensely likable. Too bad he had to die. Still, his voice is captivating and powerful and he remains a large presence in the film despite his demise.

As chick flicks go, this is one most guys shouldn't mind sitting through too much (although it could have easily been 20 minutes shorter). It's touching, occasionally funny and pretty enjoyable. Besides guys, you can remind your lady you watched it when you try to drag her to Iron Man or The Dark Knight.

The film is directed by Richard LaGravenese, who is probably better known as the writer of such films as The Fisher King, The Bridges of Madison County and The Ref.

Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, James Marsters, Harry Connick Jr. and Kathy Bates co-star.

Extras include an interview with the writer of the novel the film's based on, as well as additional scenes and a music video.