P.S. I Love You

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Article Date: May 6, 2008 | Publication: fanbolt.com | Author: Meredith A. Iager
Publication/Article Link:http://www.fanbolt.com/moviedvdreview.php?id=172

The film starts off with a hilarious bantering scene with Gerry (Gerard Butler, "300," "Dracula 2000," "Dear Frankie") and Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank, "Million Dollar Baby," "Boys Don't Cry," "Freedom Writers"). Then out of no where, we find out Gerry dies, and there is an informal service held for him at his favorite pub, in NYC, where Holly and Gerry live.

Holly (Swank) stays in her apartment, for several days after the death of her husband Gerry (Butler). She begins having visions of Gerry playing the guitar for her. Her friends and mother (Bates) come over and encourage her to leave the apartment. Over the course of a year, after Gerry's death, Holly receives letters, like he had never even left. He sends her on errands, trips, and more. The healing process begins, and her friends help her on these remembrance missions.

As always, Gerard Butler is charming as ever. Every film he does a knockout performance, with or without armor. There is real chemistry between Swank and Butler. Swank is also great in her role as Holly. I've been watching a lot of her films lately and she is truly a talent - reminds me of Julia Roberts, however, I like Swank better. Lisa Kudrow as Denise is the best friend/sidekick. She gets right to the point with all of her potential men in the film. "Are you single?" "Are you gay?" You get my drift - she's blunt as ever, just like her role as Phoebe in the hit TV series, "Friends." She really does a fantastic performance. Also - new talent - Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Gerry's best friend (a musician in Ireland) and a possible love interest for Swank.

You need to see this film, great cast, and great love story, and proves that love lasts even when you're gone. It is a must buy, if you're a lover of the romantic-comedy-drama flicks.

Rating: A+