P.S. I Love You on DVD

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Article Date: May 5, 2008 | Publication: Aced Magazine | Author: Jenna Bensoussan
Publication/Article Link:http://acedmagazine.com/content/view/1224/44/


The tiny handful of featurettes on this DVD is not a good reason to base your decision on its purchase. Instead, buy it because the story is good. Make no mistake -- it is a good story. The acting is fantastic too, and why shouldn't it be when you have such great talent behind the wheel? The thing is, it isn't this gloriously adorable cute movie the trailer makes it out to be.

While there are some really sweet moments, funny interjections and a few light-hearted bits of fluff, most of the film is a very knot-in-your-throat tear-jerker. P.S. I Love You follows the transformation of a woman who has lost the man of her dreams, and guided by her husband, after he passes away from a brain tumor, by way of letters, presents, trips, etc., she effectively moves on after a year of painful, yet necessary planned events by him to allow her the release she needs to get on with her life.

Final Analysis: P.S. I Love You is a great film for girls of any age, not so much for the guys. It will make you laugh a little, but it will mostly make you cry. Have some hankies around when you watch this one.

3.5 stars out of 5