Last words express love

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Article Date: May 9, 2008 | Publication: The Courier-Post | Author: Amy Longsdorf
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"P.S. I Love You" (2007, Warner, PG-13, $29) -- Before he dies from a brain tumor, a man (Gerard Butler) writes a series of letters to his wife (Hilary Swank), advising her on how to grieve and then get beyond the grief. Sounds like high-concept hokum? Don't despair. Writer/director Richard LaGravenese digs deep into Swank's loneliness, coming away with a movie that's surprisingly substantial and light on its feet. As a bonus, the frequently shirtless Butler gives new meaning to the phrase "Wanted: Dead or alive."

Extras: Deleted scenes, James Blunt video, interviews and how to play a game called Snaps.