P.S. I Love You

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Article Date: May 9, 2008 | Publication: The Winnipeg Sun | Author: Bruce Kirkland
Publication/Article Link:http://winnipegsun.com/Entertainment/Movies/2008/05/09/5515341-sun.html

Richard LaGravenese wrote The Fisher King. He wrote and directed P.S. I Love You, another New York-based saga that sheers away from generic thinking. Hilary Swank plays a neurotic wife struggling to process the untimely death of her Irish husband (Gerard Butler) while he continues to send her letters he wrote before he passed.

This is not a supernatural saga. It is overly sentimental. Yet there is real heart and the Swank-Butler pairing is offbeat and inspired. The movie speaks with honesty. This week's DVD release -- with full and widescreen editions on flip sides -- has only modest extras. You must, however, listen to author Cecilia Ahern and watch James Blunt's music video for the terrific song, Same Mistake.