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Article Date: May 30, 2008 | Publication: islandpacket.com | Author: pmitchell
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Out this week is the romantic/drama/comedy ďP.S. I Love You.Ē Holly and Gerry Kennedy (Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler) are a happily married couple residing in New York. So when Gerry dies of cancer, Holly is forced to start a new life that doesnít have him in it. In the weeks to follow, she begins to receive letters that Gerry wrote before he died, instructing her of things to do in life. At first glance, her family and friends are worried, thinking that she is living in the past and isnít moving forward with her life, having these letters appear from the grave. Slowly, but surely the letters are serving Holly in a positive way by keeping her emotionally connected to her past, but easing her into her future at the same time.

The title is enough to warn you that itís a chick flick. I donít think it ever tried to be anything else. With that in mind, it wasnít all bad. The whole letters-from-the-grave idea of the dead being in contact with the living has been done, but itís done here in a lighter and more romantic way than in the past. Holly is struggling after the death of her husband, and letters roll in just in time to bring some hope to her life and show her that the world keeps going and you have to go with it.

It has its cheesy moments, which are expected, and even more moments to remind you of the sadness that Holly is feeling, which are there to bring on the waterworks. Once again, the title explains the primary feeling youíre supposed to have here. In the end, itíll be a satisfying watch for those looking to have a sad/happy feeling for two hours. If youíre not looking for that feeling, then you either have picked the wrong movie or have been tied to the chair next to your loved one and are being forced to experience feelings that you arenít so much up for. And if thatís the case, then P.S. Iím Sorry.