Nim's Island

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Article Date: June 1, 2008 | Publication: The Jakarta Post | Author: Briony Kidd
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Nim lives on a small South Pacific island with her scientist dad and a host of animal pals, including an affectionate seal and a lizard. When her father (Butler) goes on an expedition and is lost at sea, Nim (Breslin) sends an email to her favorite author, Alex Rover, thinking the intrepid adventurer will be her ideal rescuer. But Alexandra Rover (Foster) is nothing like the character she writes about: she's a timid, recluse who has trouble even leaving her apartment. Will Nim work out how to help herself? Will Alexandra summon the courage she never knew she had?

The outcome's never in much doubt, but this is a funny, colorful adventure for kids and quite entertaining for adults as well. The strength of this film is Jodie Foster, and it would be good to see her do more comedy. She's great as the neurotic, well-meaning Alexandra, bringing a self-deprecating charm to the role that is reminiscent of Ellen DeGeneres's comedic style.

Sadly, the final resolution comes a bit too easily: I would have liked a few more scenes showing the developing friendship between Alexandra and Nim. But the animals are cheeky, the setting is idyllic, and best of all, there's a solid storyline.

*** (out of *****)