New Image: Gerard Butler is Packing Heat in 'Game' (Blog)

Category: Gamer News | Posted by: DaisyMay
Article Date: July 6, 2008 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Elizabeth Rappe
Publication/Article Link:Cinematical

See Image HERE

I just love finding Gerard Butler in my inbox! This new photo from Game comes courtesy of, and it originally appeared in Australia's edition of Empire. You can click on the above for a bigger version, and the article it illustrates also boasts a full-color variation of the photo Jessica posted a few weeks ago. But this one is all new, and it's quite lovely, isn't it? There's nothing I like so much as a man with a big gun. Hey, get your minds out of the gutter -- I just mean that he's well armed!

Game has a release date of November 30th, but those lucky enough to attend ComicCon will be getting a sneak peek. If you remember, Cinematical's Erik Davis is appearing on a Masters of the Web panel, which is being moderated by the directors of Game, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. They'll be bringing some footage of the movie along -- and who knows, if we cheer loud enough, maybe the release date will be moved up.

Thanks again to for sending the photo. And if anyone else wants to send muscle-bound Butler photos my way, feel free. It makes my life worth living.