Comic-Con: Gerard Butler loves the ladies

Category: RockNRolla News | Posted by: maryp
Article Date: July 24, 2008 | Publication: LA Times | Author: Staff

The only girls who weren’t at the Comic-Con “Twilight” session were waiting for the “Rocknrolla” one.

And that’s because Gerard Butler was on the bill.

No, really, the place went nuts at the mere mention of “Phantom of the Opera.”

Butler held court Thursday afternoon while promoting Guy Ritchie’s upcoming crime caper. The film “is so good, it’s better than sex,” he told the crowd. “Well, not [sex] with me.”

He managed to come up with the best answer to a Comic-Con fan question yet. Asked if he had a favorite moment while shooting, Butler replied:

“Nothing but getting a shot of B12 in my arse by Guy’s wife, Madonna. I was sick, and she was a nurse. . . . She was amazing. ‘Drop your pants.’ I whipped my little bottom out and she jabbed me in the ass. It didn’t work because I got more sick, but I appreciated the effort.”

Throughout the panel, Butler chucked chocolates meant for the talent to the crowd. The audience ate it up, and so did the actor.

“It’s starting to be like Sea World in here,” he said. In response to another fan question, this one about what’s coming up next for the actor, he kept it randy: “Halle Berry.”

-- Denise Martin