Why is Joel Silver Shopping around 'RocknRolla'? (Blog )

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Article Date: August 12, 2008 | Publication: Rope of Silicon | Author: Brad Brevet
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I can't say a new blog post at the Los Angeles Times surprises me much as it points out Joel Silver is out and about shopping his upcoming Guy Ritchie feature RocknRolla to studios such as Lionsgate and Sony Pictures. But that movie is already at Warner Bros. you say. Well, it appears that after absorbing New Line and smaller film house Warner Independent Pictures the studio is lounging around with too many films to release. Supposedly they have brought in something like two dozen or so New Line films and word is they are starting to pick out the weak calves from the herd.
So RocknRolla is a weak calf? Not necessarily.

Patrick Goldstein for the LA Times spoke with Warners chief Alan Horn and he had this to say about RocknRolla, "I think it's a well-made picture, but while it's funny in spots, it's very English. I don't think it's broadly commercial. It feels like a film that deserves a spirited release, but not a wide one. Joel has an 800-screen deal, which we'll honor, but we might not be willing to spend the marketing money he wants us to."

Ah ha, there it is, marketing. Actually, Horn saying the film is very English only encourages me more and makes me ache to see it.

Along with RocknRolla the studio is apparently open to ridding itself of the cop drama Pride and Glory starring Ed Norton and Colin Farrell and Slumdog Millionaire from director Danny Boyle. Pride and Glory looks interesting if you ask me, but there must be a reason New Line dumped it from its Spring slate. Warner still has it set for an October 24 release, but I guess that could now change at any time.

Horn gave a rather honest quote about the situation saying, "I guess I'm in a shocking state of equanimity. The filmmakers have every right to do what they think is best in support of their movies. But we have the right to do what's best for Warner Bros. Sometimes the pursuit of those interests results in a disagreement. For now, we're preparing to release the film in October, but I don't see it starting out on 800 screens. If Joel is thinking there is someone out there willing to spend twice as much money as we're willing to, I'm sure he will pursue that."

It seems it may take Warners a year or two to get their house in order as they plan to release about six films a year under the New Line banner and approximately 25 overall.

You can check out the complete article right here. As of right now, RocknRolla is still set for an October 8 release.