Gerard Butler At The TIFF (Blog)

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Article Date: September 5, 2008 | Publication: I Need My Fix | Author: Anne
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First I must apologize for getting this post to you so late. I had no problems downloading the software for the new camera, nor did I have problems downloading the pictures themselves. But I wanted to watermark my pictures and after 2 different software programs that are so unclear on how to do this I didn’t want to waste any more time ( contributing factors could be I haven’t had enough sleep and I’m stressed over not getting this to you sooner).

I’ve posted a very long post so to read it (and I would suggest you do, lol) click on “continued reading”

First of all let me say the mood in the Elgin Theatre was electric. I am so glad I was able to experience this. I was so excited and acted like a school girl, lol. Some of it is a blur because it was so surreal.

We were Visa patrons which meant 175 of us got to go into a room 1 hour before the show and wait and have first picks of the seats in the theatre. That was great as we managed to get about 8 or so rows from the stage.

The celebs were ushered through the red carpet and from what I have read this morning Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler were whisked and spent very little time on the red carpet. They were all brought backstage where they then came out and were introduced one by one.

First up was Joel Silver, followed by Susan Downey who told us to watch for the director in the film. I never found him, lol. Then Toby Kebell was introduced and although I can not remember what he said, I remember him being very funny. At this point I’m just dying to see Gerry Butler.

Next Idris Elba was introduced and my husband was very happy as he watches and loves The Wire. Idris said if anyone was caught pirating the movie while watching they will be dealing with him. He had a great personality and great energy.

Next came Jeremy Piven which everyone went kind of crazy. He seemed surprised himself and humbled by it, but also very pleased. He joked that his speech was 20 minutes long and asked if they had the time. He seemed nice.

Next Ludacris was introduced and everyone went crazy. I think people were pretty surprised he was there. He is on the short side. A little shorter than Jeremy Piven, who actually isn’t that short. Again, can’t remember what he said, lol. I don’t think he said much other than he was happy to be in Toronto.

Next came Thandie Newton and of course the guys were pretty happy about that. She said this was really “the first premiere” (meaning London didn’t count, which I doubt she meant, lol). She then went on to say she wished she could “shag” everyone, and everyone laughed and cheered of course.

Next came THE MAN Gerard Butler. Everyone (women in particular) went NUTS. He smiled and seemed both thrilled and shy. He then took about some papers in his hands, which you can see in the pictures and was mentioning he had lots of people he wanted to thank. He told us it was a great movie and to tell everyone it was a “great f*cking movie”, put it on the internet that it’s a ”great f*cking movie”. He was very happy to have made it.

He also said he considers himself to be an honourary Canadian seeing as he lived here (Montreal) for a couple of years with his father.

Next came Guy Ritchie and everyone went crazy again. He seems very down-to-earth. I can’t remember everything he said except after the applause died down he was at a loss for words and said “I haven’t felt that much love” and as he was grasping for words Gerard Butler piped up and said “Ever”.

Everyone laughed, Guy Ritchie said “thank you Gerard” and Gerard kind of looked at Thandie Newton and then had the expression like “oops, perhaps I shouldn’t have said that”. It was very funny. Gerard was in a great mood really enjoying the moment it seemed.

Guy talked about the movie and then said “After Thandie gets finished f*cking all of you, I’m going to f*ck all of you”. It was hysterical and the last thing you would expect out of his mouth.

They then proceeded down the aisle and my husband being the great strategist that he is had already asked around to the ushers and situated us PERFECTLY for when they walked down our isle. We were in seats 1 and 2 so we were right there.

And guess what? My husband got Gerard Butler to sign one of the pictures I brought with me. He only signed GB but he signed it!!! My only job at that point was to take an up close picture of Gerard Butler, but do you think I could? I was SO nervous I was actually shaking, plus it was a 250 mm lens and I couldn’t get it focused for the right distance it was so quick. Everything was so surreal and moving so fast yet slow at the same time. All I could hear was my husband to my right ask Gerry “Please” sign the picture and emphasized the please and the guys behind me (to my left) asking Gerry to “hug it up”. All the while I’m thinking, “he’s not going to freaking hug you dude”. It was too funny.

And because I was looking through the camera I didn’t even get a good glimpse of him. I’m so disappointed about that, but hey, I got as close as I am probably ever going to get. He has a BEAUTIFUL smile.

The movie was a great f*cking movie (ha ha just like Gerry wanted us to say it), but the only thing is I have a hard time when I hear accents understanding what they were saying and so I had that problem with this film because everyone except Ludacris and Jeremy Piven had an accent. Even with that, it was amazing. Very funny. LOVED Gerry’s character.

So now on to the autographed picture: I am going to be having a contest whereby someone will be selected to win the autographed picture of Gerard Butler. I am going to announce the details of the contest (as I am working out the schematics) and will announce everything by Sunday. I will even include one of the tickets from the event itself, but not the pen he signed with. THAT I’m keeping all for myself!!!