'Sex, Thugs, and Rock 'N Roll'

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Article Date: September 5, 2008 | Publication: Plain Dealer | Author: Clint O'Connor
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TORONTO - Hold onto your hats, movie fans, I've found a winner.

The best flick I've seen so far at the TIFF is "RocknRolla." Written and directed by Guy Ritchie, known mostly for being married to what's her name, "RocknRolla" is an adrenaline rush of breathless on-the-run encounters with cock-eyed cockney gangsters.

And before I abuse any other cliches, let me simply serve up the film's tag line, which says it best: "sex, thugs and rock 'n roll."

Ritchie's latest is sharply made, includes multiple characters and features superior talent playing them: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Strong, Toby Kebbell, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, and Jeremy Piven, among many others.

Butler is just beginning to become one of those capital letters STARS. Men dig him for playing such a stud in "300," and women dig him for being such a stud in "P.S. I Love You."

He is wicked good in "RocknRolla" playing a street thug overflowing with double-dealings. He's up here with Ritchie, Piven, Bridges and others from the film doing the smiling, signing, celebrity thing.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Butler is that he could segue from the maniacal Spartan King in "300," to playing the sweet hearted hero in "Nim's Island." Now that's impressive.

The only downer about "RocknRolla": it's not scheduled to land in Cleveland until late October.