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Saw Guy Ritchieís newest last nite at the Toronto International Film Festival.

FANTASTIC movie! Definitely his best, IMHO. Dark and shady, as with all Ritchieís work, but with humour at every turn. I donít think I have laughed so hard at any comedy I have ever seen. Mark Strong is at his steely best, and Toby Kebbell as Johnny Quid was great, though it did take me a bit to warm to him. By the end of the flick he was the scene-stealer. Gerard Butlerís petty criminal One-Two is brilliantly tough, funny and slightly befuddled. His best mate Mumbles (Idris Elba) was the strong, fairly silent type, while the situation with his other sidekick, Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy), definitely provided some of the most hilarious scenes. Thandie Newtonís Stella was elegant, beautiful and unapproachable - the kind of role she does so well. Jeremy Piven and Ludacris played American nightclub owners who ended up involved, and very much over their heads. I canít think of anyone in it whose performance was lacking.

As with all Ritchie films you kind of knew that all things would come around to bite folks in the ass - and Gerardís ass was a pretty thing to see, LOL - at least once (sometimes more). Some comeuppances were satisfying (after all Lennieís ranting spew-ups, it was satisfying to see golf game), while others - like the aftermath of the second robbery - were equally violent and hilarious.

Can you guess that I loved it! Canít wait to see it again and am already putting money aside so that I can add the DVD to my collection.