Guy Ritchie comeback film RocknRolla is box office smash

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Article Date: September 8, 2008 | Publication: Daily Telegraph | Author: Sarah Knapton
Publication/Article Link:Daily Telegraph

Guy Ritchie is back on form with his latest film, beating rivals to become top of the British box office.

RocknRolla, which premiered last week, opened at number one in the UK film charts and has taken 1,562,017 in six days.

The gangster movie, starring Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Gemma Arterton and Tom Wilkinson, is set in London and deals with a Russian real estate scam.

Madonna joined her husband on the red carpet for the opening of RocknRolla in Leicester Square. "If people go and see this and like it I'll make the second one straightaway," he said at the premiere.

Ritchie, 39, became a household name after directing Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels 10 years ago. But more recent films such as Swept Away, starring Madonna, and Revolver were panned by critics.

RocknRolla is set in London's criminal underworld and features property scams, dodgy deals and Russian mobsters.

Ritchie and Madonna are expected to make a public appearance at Ritchie's 40th birthday on Wednesday.