Moment of 'Truth' for Heigl, Butler

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Article Date: October 2, 2008 | Publication: USA Today | Author: Susan Wloszczyna

Moment of 'Truth' for Heigl, Butler

Dr. Izzie of Grey's Anatomy and King Leonidas of 300 as the next Doris Day and Rock Hudson?

That's what it sounds like, judging from the plot details of Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler's The Ugly Truth, arriving April 3.

Heigl is an unlucky-in-love TV producer of a low-rated morning show. She comes across The Ugly Truth, a cable show hosted by Butler's Neanderthal, who prides himself on revealing what men really think of women.

She hires him as a correspondent, and he in turn uses her as his guinea pig to test his theories.

"It's quite outrageous what I come out with," says Butler. "I'm kind of like an Adam Carolla meets a Howard Stern."

Butler says Heigl is a formidable opponent. "She is a girl with a big personality, and that is how she is when she acts. She has opinions, she is intelligent and she's nobody's fool. To stand off against her is exciting. You're kept on your toes."

In order to keep off her toes, Butler took dancing lessons for a salsa scene with Heigl. Maybe they will prove to be the next Fred and Ginger, too.