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Initially when this came out, it was described as a major return to form by Guy Richie. Its not really a return to form so much as a back to the well type exercise that served Kevin Smith so well in 2006 with Clerks 2. You know how the plots of Lock, Stock and Snatch both revolve around an object of some value and involve colorful cartoon mockney criminals all trying to do each other in? Well Rocknrolla is essentially the same thing except this time its a valuable painting. The wild card in this bunch though is a Pete Doherty type character named Johnny Quid played really well by Toby Kebbell. He is the estranged step son of Lenny a mobster who controls much of the valuable real estate of London and is in fierce competition with the Russian mob to whom the missing painting belongs. When Johnny steals the painting the scene is set for the familiar Richie plot. Into this mess comes the wild bunch including characters with names like One Two, Mumbles and Handsome Bob. Although the plot is nothing new really it must be said that Rocknrolla is Richie's most technically accomplished film so far. Its gorgeously shot and better acted and has a fantastic soundtrack. If anything this film has made me curious to see what Guy Richie's version of Sherlock Holmes is going to be like. Richie also gets plus points for introducing Kebbell to the world and reminding us that Gerard Butler is a star after he seemed to not capitalize on the success of 300. The outcome of all this is slightly predictable although the scene is set for a new story to be told with these characters. Richie has said that he views this as the first part in a trilogy, personally I cannot see how this is going to work.

3.5 stars