Game Blows Up Already (Blog)

Category: Gamer News | Posted by: DaisyMay
Article Date: October 27, 2008 | Publication: gordon and the whale | Author: Adam Reed
Publication/Article Link:gordon and the whale

A test screening of directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s GAME has spurred early reviews, and with these early reviews, I’m going to assume early hype. Here’s what some people had to say about this film:

“I’ll just say that this movie is going to blow people away. The cinematic choices were brilliant and covered a broad spectrum of looks for scenes of all types, from brutal action packed battle and fight scenes to original environments within the game world to the elegant mansion of the evil rich mastermind. There were super saturated looks, harsh gritty looks, and all styles of shooting.”– Red User

“Judging by the audience reaction, this film is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s because it’s more like a cup of red bull and vodka.”– LonelyReviewer

“I found this exhilarating to watch, because it seemed like Neveldine and Taylor finally broke the bounds of the typical action scenes I’ve seen coming out of Hollywood so often. They might even rival Michael Bay for explosions!” — Collider

This film starring Gerard Butler is set in the near future where real soldiers can be controlled by first-shooter gamers sitting back home in safety. GAME is set for release in 2009.