RocknRolla a work of art

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Article Date: November 6, 2008 | Publication: D.C. New Movies Examiner | Author: Laura Ballou
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What is a RocknRolla you ask? Some want fame, some want money, but a real RocknRolla wants it all. If you liked Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver, and Snatch, youíll love RocknRolla.

RocknRolla is written, directed, and produced by Mr. Ritchie. In traditional Guy Ritchie style, Rocknrolla examines the life of the London underworld and in doing so reveals the dark side of humanity through humor, action, and drama.

Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson) owns the real estate game in London. When a Russian buyer comes into town looking for a deal, Lenny greases a few hands to make a few million euros. The money gets Ďmisplacedí, and a tale of the cityís tough guys and criminals unfolds with the ensemble cast of Gerard Butler (One Two), Thandie Newton (Stella), and Mark Strong (Archie). As the search for a multi-million dollar work of art ensues, a drugged out rock Ďní roller named Johnny Quid (Toby Kebbell) presumed dead becomes the center of attention.

RocknRolla is like a work of art. Guy Ritchie paints this movie like a painter painting layers of colors upon a canvas. On the top layer he illuminates the lives of Londonís criminals, on another he displays the reality of the changing face of Londonís immigration population, on yet another he explores the different addictions that we all share whether its greed, cigarettes, drugs, or power.

There is a great scene in which Johnny Quid explains why he wonít give his step dad, Lenny Cole, back the work of art he stole. He philosophies about a cigarette carton, how on one side it is glamorous and enticing, while on the other it warns you of imminent death if consumed. The point being that addiction draws us in because of itís perceived glamour while in reality it is what destroys us.