Five Best Films of October (Blog)

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Article Date: November 12, 2008 | Publication: Movie Babbling | Author: Franck Tabouring
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October 2008 is history, and it's time for me to pick my five favorite films of the month. While I found the choices to be rather limited for the list of the best, the picks were fairly easy. Let's get to it right away:

5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
I can't say I absolutely loved Kevin Smith's latest comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," but the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks certainly works and the film boasts some hilarious scenes that helped me enjoy it without any troubles. The story line is quite simplistic, I agree, and the nature of the film may offend some people too, but if you're looking for light entertainment and don't mind the cast dropping F-bombs all over the place in every scene, this should be quite an enjoyable experience after all.

4. Changeling
It may not be the most fascinating story Eastwood has ever told on the big screen, but "Changeling" is still a powerful drama nonetheless. The success of the film of course relies heavily on the brilliant performance by lead actress Angelina Jolie, who delivers an Oscar-worthy show as main character Christine Collins. Other than that, I must admit Eastwood's subtle direction and the entertaining plot kept me intrigued all throughout. Definitely one of the better films of the month.

3. RocknRolla
Wow. "RocknRolla" is probably one of the most ridiculous and most confusing flicks of the year, but I had a fabulous time wacthing this crazy action extravaganza. After a couple of disappointing films, it's good to see Ritchie back in action, telling a suspenseful and often hilarious tale of some crazy people trying to get their hands on a whole bunch of money. Besides a great direction, a solid soundtrack and an action-loaded plot, the movie also boasts an excellent ensemble cast, with Gerard Butler and Tom Wilkinson almost stealing the show from their co-actors. Tons of fun!

2. Religulous
Bill Maher is who he is, and that's exactly what I like about him. He's not afraid to say what he thinks, and some people out there must like that; I mean, he's still around in the biz. In "Religulous," he takes on religion, obviously, and the result is extremely funny. As a non-religious person myself, I probably found it easier to just sit back and enjoy this documentary to the fullest extent, and whether Maher's statements are true or fully accurate, he builds some excellent arguments. It's definitely a fun show for the many people who have no business with religion or think religion is ridiculous.

1. Rachel Getting Married
At this stage, this is a hot contender for best film of the year, in my opinion of course. Rarely do I enjoy a film as much as I did Jonathan Demme's flawless "Rachel Getting Married," in which Anne Hathaway delivers a fantastic performance as a druggie who gets out of rehab and goes straight to her sister's wedding. As simple as the main story line is, this one pulled me right in and didn't let go until long after I left the movie theater. Who could have thought that watching a wedding unfold could be so intriguing?